Get repair tips and instructions from your computer manual.
It is supplied for you for that specific purpose when you bought your laptop computer. Your laptop computer manual contains information on how to do basic computer repairs and upgrades. It also provides the technical specifications of your laptop computer so that

you can relay that information when you actually talk to a customer service representative or a computer repair technician. Keep your laptop computer manual in a safe and easy to remember location so that you can easily retrieve it when needed.

Buy a basic technician toolkit.
There are plenty of tool kits available at your local computer stores and they are really inexpensive. Make sure you purchase one, even just the most basic tool kit, if you have a laptop or desktop computer. You can use it not just for repairing your laptop computer,

but also when performing maintenance such as dusting and cleaning. Remember, a laptop computer needs cleaning internally and externally so a Phillips screwdriver can do a lot of things for you, which is always included in your basic technician toolkit.